Stephanie Riggs

Stephanie Riggs is an internationally recognized virtual reality pioneer. She began creating interactive virtual worlds in the 1990s and has worked with Intel, Disney Creative Entertainment, Walt Disney Imagineering, Walt Disney Productions, HBO, Atlas Media, and ‪Carmike Cinemas. As a traditional storyteller, she is a New York Times Critics Pick film director for her documentary “The Standbys,” and she produced the award-winning and Netflix top-rated thriller “‪Banshee Chapter” with Zachary Quinto (Star Trek). She went on to release the first feature film on the Oculus Rift and was the first person invited to film a US President in 360 by Barack Obama in 2015. Her VR live action documentary, “Kanju” premiered at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival. Through her company, ‪Sunchaser Entertainment, Stephanie takes experiences beyond 360 and into the realm of immersive, groundbreaking entertainment.