Quba Michalski

Quba Michalski is a Creative Director, Motion Artist, Filmmaker, and Creative Thinker with over two decades of experience in various disciplines of design. Throughout his career, Quba was always drawn to the new and the unknown – pioneering interactive and film use of latest technologies and developing new, original techniques to build powerful, immersive experiences for his audience. From humble beginnings at self-founded Imago, through studio and team leadership at Autofuss, Bot&Dolly and Google, to today’s QubaVR – Quba Michalski’s creative directing career had him plan and execute projects of every shape and form. From TV stings to international campaigns, from virtual reality experiences to real-life installations, from motion control and robotics to motion capture – Quba’s is a uniquely versatile portfolio, including projects for clients such as: Nike, The New York Times, Adobe, Xbox, HBO, Google, and many more. For the past several years, Quba Michalski has put aside traditional “flat media” in favor of Augmented and Virtual Reality. Under the creative identity of QubaVR, through theory and practice, art and technology, he aims to expand our understanding and fluency in building new generation of content that’s ever more immersive, engaging and exciting.