Fact Checkers Unit Season 2

Client: Samsung
Format: Branded Entertainment
827 Million Impressions


Fact Checkers Unit: Season 2

Fact Checkers Unit is a scripted, short-form series that integrates various Samsung Galaxy phones throughout its run. In Season 2, the Fact Checkers are employed at a music magazine and must use the Samsung Galaxy Note to help them on a road trip during encounters with celebrities like T-Pain, Moby, Thomas Middleditch, TJ Miller, Run DMC, and others. Samsung Mobile collaborated from the earliest stage of pre-production, co-developing the scripts, highlighting specific benefits of the device, and seamlessly integrating the Galaxy Note into the heart of the storyline. Fact Checkers Unit S2 was distributed on digital and mobile platforms (including Samsung’s Social Network) with extensive support across MTV’s global sites. Season 2 received over 9 million video views within 6 weeks, and was translated into 6 languages as it was watched on a global basis. Viewers spent an average of 4.1 minutes watching each video, resulting in a dwell time for Season 2 of over 300,000 hours. Total campaign impressions equaled 827 million, and Fact Checkers Unit was integral in helping Samsung create a new market for a brand new type of device. Within two months of campaign, Samsung shipped over 1 million Galaxy Notes, and traffic to Samsung.com spiked by 37% during FCU’s flight window.