[FCU2- GALAXY Note] Ep.6 James Franco is preggers

Fact Checkers Unit Special Episode

Client: Samsung
Format: Branded Entertainment
50 Million Impressions


Fact Checkers Unit: Franco

Fact Checkers Unit was a special bonus episode of our hit branded entertainment series starring James Franco. In this episode, the Fact Checkers are tasked with checking whether James Franco is pregnant. They discover he is in fact a ‘shape shifter’ and only does the ‘pregnant lady’ to get a seat on the subway. The Fact Checkers use Samsung’s latest Galaxy Note 2 during their mission. FCU Franco was released through Samsung SNS pages including Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. The episode received over 50 million impressions and 5 million video views; it was also played on airlines worldwide and written about in the LA Times and other global publications.