Easy to Assemble

Client: IKEA
Format: Branded Entertainment
3.7 Billion Impressions


Easy To Assemble

Easy To Assemble was a groundbreaking digital series sponsored by IKEA. Launching in 2008, Easy To Assemble was a forerunner of the digital campaigns and branded entertainment that have since become commonplace. Easy To Assemble was a scripted sitcom, set within an IKEA store. Easy To Assemble went on for four seasons between 2008 and 2012 and won numerous advertising and creative awards. Ad Week magazine awarded Easy To Assemble one of the top five Best Branded Deals of 2010. That same year, Easy To Assemble was nominated for seven “Streamy” awards, winning “Best Ensemble Cast” and “Best Product Integration.” The star, Ileana Douglas, was nominated for “Best Individual Performance” at the 14th Annual Webby Awards, and Easy To Assemble won for both “Best Branded Content”, and “Best Comedy Episode”. Additionally, Illeana received the ITV Fest 2010 Innovator Award and the 2010 “Best Online Performance Award” from the 2010 Banff World TV Fest. Easy To Assemble and IKEA were also honored to receive the 2010 NATPE “Digital Luminary Award”. In 2012, the series was a Webby Honoree for both Individual Performance and Best Writing.