[Samsung SMART CAMERA NX1] 4K Short Film "IN A CITY" by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and HITRECORD
in a city brazil still

In A City

In A City is community led short film collaboration directed by and starring Joseph Gordon Levitt and produced with his company/digital community Hit Record for Samsung Camera. SXM, Hit Record and Samsung produced one 2.5 minute short film, a 2.5 minute documentary, five call to action videos hosted by Joseph Gordon Levitt and 20 social media posts serviced by Samsung and Hit Record to their communities which tracked the campaign and encouraged participation. In late October we announced that Joseph Gordon Levitt would be directing a short film using Samsung new 4K Camera (the NX1) in a request video. Joseph asked members of his 300,000 strong community Hit Record to submit ideas, music, lyrics and also apply to be cinematographers for the piece. We received 5000 entries from which we produced the In A City film (a musical poem filmed in 7 cities across the globe including Los Angeles, Prague, Rio, Tokyo, Sheffield, Cairo and London). In each city Joseph chose a cinematographer and worked closely with them to film segments at his direction. The final film was released on Youtube at the beginning of December after which we also released a making of documentary. In A City was the first global community led short film collaboration creating tremendous engagement on social media platforms (twitter, tumblr, youtube ) and positioned Samsung firmly in the low cost, high quality DLSR camera market. Some further highlights from the campaign included strong traction on earned media including editorial placement on the front page of Tumblr. Above you will find links to the short film itself, the documentary and the initial request video along with some additional photos.